Everything You Need to Know About Ash Catchers

ash catcher

Glass bongs can cool and filter smoke before being inhaled. They can be used to smoke cannabis, tobacco, CBD, and other products. You may have noticed the dirt on your bong after just a few days of regular use as a smoker. Your bong could also begin to emit an unpleasant odor. A dirty bong can cause drag and clog in the percolators. A regularly cleaned bong can be a great help, but an Ash Catcher will make the job much easier. This comprehensive guide outlines the benefits and purpose of an ash catcher.

Purpose of an Ash Catcher

smokingAn ash catcher, a small attachment that prevents ash and debris from getting into your pipes, is what you need. There are many styles and sizes of ash catchers. They look like a mini water pipe. Ash catchers can keep your bong clean longer than if it wasn’t. Ash catchers are also easier to clean than bongs, which can save you time over the long term. Many ash catchers have different types of percolators. This helps in filtering smoke and reduces the need for frequent cleaning.

Once you are done smoking, it is time to remove the ash catcher and clean it. It is easy to clean and maintain ash catchers.

Benefits of an Ash Catcher

An ash catcher can be attached to your water pipe so that your bong won’t have to be cleaned as often as it would without it. This means you can smoke longer. Smokers may not need ash catchers for smaller bongs. An ash catcher is a must-have accessory if you have a large bong with multiple percolators. Ash catchers attach to bongs in the same way as bowls. An ash catcher will allow you to place your water pipe’s bowl inside the bong instead of putting it in your pipe. The ash catcher traps any ash that might otherwise get into your main chamber of the water pipe while you smoke.

An ash catcher can be filled with water, but not too much. You don’t want any dirty water leaking back into your bongs or pipes. A splashback effect can also be caused by too much water. For the best experience, keep your waterline at or below your downstem. It is important not to add too much water to the ashcatcher, as this can cause the pipe to become clogged with dirt. K-clips can be used to secure the ash catcher to the water pipe. You’re here if you are looking for ash catchers to fit bongs.